The Forger

the forger
Exhibition, Le Hublot, Nice (France), 2012 (© Dardex)

Quentin Destieu, Sylain Huguet, Grégoire Lauvin, robotic installation, 2011

Faced with hysterical crowds invading contemporary art galleries and exhibitions in search of the slightest souvenir or artifact. Faced with paranoid and autistic artists who wallow in isolation and meditation, the artists’collective Dardex answers with The Forger, a robotic device that both satisfies the ever more consumerist and insatiable audience as well as sets the artists free from their social responsibilities. The Forger is an interactive robot with which the spectator can choose his favourite artist in a databank and get his autograph.
This installation was completed with support and production of M2F Créations.

the forger
Festival ENIAROF, Poitiers (France), 2011 (© Dardex)

the forger
Festival GAMERZ 07, Fondation Vasarely, Aix-en-Provence, 2011 (© Luce Moreau)

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