8-bit Mirror

8-bit mirror
Festival Bouillants #2, Le Diapason, Rennes (France), 2010 (© Les Bouillants)

Quentin Destieu, Romain Senatore, interactive installation, 2008

The Mirror 8 bits is an installation made-up of an LCD screen adorned with an 18th century gilded wood frame.
This piece functions by means of the reflective quality of the mirror, confronting classical aesthetics with contemporary technology.
The Mirror 8 bits offers a simplified and toned down representation of reality by using the visual codes of video games from the 80’s with their bright colours and visible pixels, which are today part of a graphic design closely related to painting.

8-bit mirror
Festival Micromusic & Pixel Experience, La Gare, Coustellet (France), 2008 (© Dardex)

8-bit mirror
Festival GAMERZ 03, Amber Festival, Istanbul (Turkey), 2008 (© Dardex)

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