Urban Proof

urban proof
Exhibition Crossover Urban Art, Galerie Nikki Marquardt, Paris (France), 2008 (© Manuel Braun)

Quentin Destieu, Sylvain Huguet, Romain Senatore, interactive installation, 2008
Programmation : Loïs Roussillon

Urban proof is a video installation in which viewers are immersed by a giant screen and anaglyphs glasses in an urban setting. This installation offers the viewer a stroll or unidirectional interactivity proposed is reduced to reading this apocalyptic landscape. A touchscreen allows viewers to move in this virtual world produced in stereoscopic 3D.

urban proof
Festival GAMERZ 03, Amber Festival, Istanbul (Turkey), 2008 (© Dardex)

urban proof
Urban Proof, video view, 2008 (© Dardex)

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