Machine 2 Fish V2

Quentin Destieu, Sylvain Huguet, exosquelette pour poisson rouge, 2016


Machine2fishV2 (9)


Machine2fishV2 (8)


Machine 2 Fish V2





Machine 2 Fish is an installation in which the movements of a true living goldfish are being robotized by an experimental robotic system. Thanks to its prosthesis the goldfish can move as if in an earthly environment. The fish and the machine combine into a smart autonomous device inspired by cyborgs and science fiction.

This project was born in 2010 as part of a residence with the support of M2F Créations/ Lab GAMERZ, the 2016 version has a new sensor and computer programming system.

Programing : Grégoire Lauvin
Thanks : Ivan Chabanaud, Romain Senatore