G-Man – Situationist mirror

Quentin Destieu, Bastien Vacherand,  interactive installation, 2014

© Luce Moreau







Quentin Destieu and Bastien Vacherand’s G-Man le miroir situationniste combines virtual reality (via Oculus Rift), Guy Debord, and Half-Life. This interactive installation allows visitors to perform through the avatar “body” of the G Man, a popular character from Valve’s Half-Life game. The installation is meant to “free the individual from the constraints of passive leisure, transforming the gamer into an artist”. The simulation becomes a creative mirror that “acquies a life of its own”. Inspired by the writings of the Situationist International, G-Man le miroir situationniste was developed at the Lab-GAMERZ d’Aix en Provence, France. (matteo bittanti from Gamescenes)